Mordecai Manuel Noah to MVB, 14 February 1821

M[ordecai] M[anuel] Noah to MVB, [14 February 1821]


My Dear Sir

I called to pay my respects this morning as I leave town this day but you were not at home. I beg you to believe that I am sensibly obliged by your friendly attentions & shall take an opportunity of expressing the same more fully. I should feel regret at the hostility evinced by part of the delegation towards me if I thought that my political & personal conduct authorised it. Not thinking so I attach no consequence to their opinions on the subject of office & shall do my duty faithfully.

Present my respectful acknowledgements if you please to Mr Bowne Mr Skinner Mr Evans & Mr Moore should you see them, & say that I trust they will have no cause to regret the appt. & that my best exertions shall not be wanting to do credit to their choice.

I am Dear Sir

most truly yours

M M Noah


He had been appointd 

Sheriff but I have 

no recollection of 

having taken a part

in promoting it

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Printed in Friedenberg, 76-77.