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I have been instructed by the Secretary of the navy to transmit to you the accompanying acting appointment as Midshipman in the Us. navy for Wm. P. Livingston, and to request that you will be pleased to deliver it to him. In relation to Mr. Berry, he has been an Acting Purser for more than twelve months on board the Us. Schooner Grampus, and would have been nominated to the Senate during the... Continue Reading
Sender: C.H.
Recipient: MVB
I have had the honor to receive your letter dated the 7th. of January, and communicated it to the Commissioners of the Navy from whom I have received the enclosed answer. Not having been in this Department at the time when the matter was referred to and reported on by the Commissioners, I have no ^other^ means of information than is afforded by the documents; all of which, I believe, have been... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB
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