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The Western District is much indebted to you.
Recipient: MVB
For fear that any misrepresentations may be made or undue advantage taken respecting of my not attending the meeting at Jonas Millers to day, I think proper to inform you of the manner in which I have ben invited to attend and the reasons of my non-attendance. On, monday last Jacob R. Van Rensselear Esquire applyed to me on the subject of certain reports which he alledged were in circulation... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
You must perfectly recollect two publications which were made in the Northern Wig & hand bills impeaching my Official conduct in the charging of fees on Writs & Executions. Against the immediate publishers of the charges I have instituted suits and of course explanations with them are superfluous; but this not being the case with you who if my information be correct have had some agency... Continue Reading
Extracts from the Republican Watch Tower, printed in the City of New York. June 14th. 1808. "All persons having property which was intended for exportation to Canada, whether lumber in raft, or other merchandise, are informd that no such exportations can be permitted. The laws and instructions received by the undersigned Collectors are such as require their utmost vigilance and exertion, in... Continue Reading
Art: 1. There shall be paid into the (caisor des Donages) for account of the public treasury and appropriated to the service 1819 & 1810 the sums arising 1st from the sales of the American Cargoes seised at Antwerp. 2d from the sale of American Cargoes delivered up by Holland. 3d from the sale of the Cargoes of American vessels, seised in the ports of spain. 4th from the proceeds of the... Continue Reading
You will not I hope deem it intrusive, if complying with my wishes as to the result. I address you on the subject of Postmaster for New york to supply the vacancy occasioned by the death of Mr. Bauman to be concise and unceremonial I know of no man in the City of New york so highly and ju[s]tly Entitled to the offic[e] as Mr. Robert James Livingston his claims to notice are founded on very great... Continue Reading
I am informed that you are in Possession of a claim Title to the Premises in the foregoing Declaration of Ejectment mentioned or some Part thereof and I being sued in the above Cause as casual Ejector and having no Claim or Title to the Premises do advise you to appear before the Justices of the Supreme Court of Judicature to be held for the State of Newyork at the City Hall of the City of New-... Continue Reading
Mr Madisons instructions to Messrs Monroe & Pinkney May 18th 1806 "as relates to the West Indies & North American Colonies it must be a permanent object of the U. States to have the intercourse with them made as free as that with Europe. The relative situation of the U States with those Colonies & particularly those wants which we can alone supply must necessarily produce that effect... Continue Reading
In your paper on the 16th. Instant at the close of several scurrilous remarks respecting myself & others you say, “Do you suppose, that Lawyer Van Buren has now any recollection of a Letter which he wrote last winter to a member of the legislature, urging him in the first place, if possible, to prevent a report being made on the subject of the Livingston title to the manor Lands; but if not... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
Enclosed I send you the answer of Mr. Williams to the Sheriffs Letter to which you will observe you have offered no conclusion. I spoke to you of this plan to add your hubl sert or such other as you as you think proper It was definitively agreed between Mr. W. & me that the communication should be published in the Wig & Bee at the same time without comments in either the one I was to... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
The Commissioners have the honor to comply with your request in sending you a list of Midshipmen whose warrants were dated previous to the year 1812 and who either from their own knowledge or from their register of officers they believe to be qualified for promotion. 1810– Edward Dowse 1811 Charles H Caldwell “ Saml W. Downing “ Henry Ogden “ Wm M. Chesney “... Continue Reading
On the subject of the last paragraph of your letter of the 11th inst. I request you will be pleased to furnish me, as early as your convenience will permit, with a list of such Midshipmen as in the opinion of the Board of Commissioners, have equal claims with those named in the list which I transmitted ^to^ you on the 8th inst.
Extracts of a letter from the Board of Navy Commissioners to the Honble Benjamin Crowninshield, Sec. of the Navy–dated Feb. 11th 1817— The Commissioners of the Navy have the honor to return the list of candidates for promotion on the merits and qualifications of whom their opinion was requested in your letter of the 8th inst— x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x    The Commissioners... Continue Reading
We have understood that an attempt is making to change, for political purposes, the local agent of the Holland Land Company, and that to effect this object great pains have been taken to impress you with a belief, that the prosperity of the Company and the future protection of their rights, would be best promoted by identifying them with the political interests of our present Executive and his... Continue Reading
Know all men by these presents that we Martin Van Buren and Peter I. Hoes are held and firmly bound to Jesse Buel in the sum of three thousand Dollars to be paid to the said Jesse Buel his executors administators or assigns, for which payment well and truly to be made we bind ourselves our heirs executors & administators firmly by these presents, seald with our seals Dated, 17th July 1820.... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB, Sender: Peter I. Hoes


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