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At a meeting of Merchants, Mechanics, and others, Citizens of New York, held pursuant to public notice, the Honorable Stephen Allen, presiding, the following Resolution was unanimously adopted: Resolved. That the democratic republican Citizens of New York, have witnessed with feelings of pride and satisfaction, the dignified and manly course of the Honorable Martin Van Buren, Vice Presidt. of the... Continue Reading
At a very numerous meeting of the Democratic Republican Electors of the Fourth Ward, held at Harmony Hall on Wednesday Evening, January 29. 1834, pursuant to the recommendation of the Democratic Republican General Committee, to express their opinions in relation to the recharter of the present Bank of the United States and the restoration of the Deposites, Eldad Holmes was Chairman, and Morgan L... Continue Reading
I have read the inclosed with much pleasure. Please say to them to have no fear of me; that I am <illegible> focused in my course as firmly as the Rockey mountain; and that no human movement can change me from the course I have chalked out for myself. Providence has a power over me, but <illegible> who worship Baall, & the golden calf, can have none.
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As I have not the happiness of being very well known by you, I rely greatly on your goodness to give to this communication a favourable reception. The only reason you have to recollect me, so far as I am aware, is that furnished by an act of kindness which I believe you extended towards me while my nomination to the office of Surgeon’s mate in the navy was before the senate of the united states... Continue Reading
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1 About How many people have we in our state interested & engaged in the Iron business. 2d Probably have many who sell raise wool to sell. <viz> 3d How many in the manufacture of woolens.
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Recipient: Silas Wright Jr.
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