RG 45, Dept. of the Navy, Naval Records Collection, Letters to Members of Congress, Vol. 1

Modern title: "Naval Records Collection of the Office of Naval Records and Library"

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I have had the honor to receive your letter dated the 7th. of January, and communicated it to the Commissioners of the Navy from whom I have received the enclosed answer. Not having been in this Department at the time when the matter was referred to and reported on by the Commissioners, I have no ^other^ means of information than is afforded by the documents; all of which, I believe, have been... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB
I have received your letter of the 30th ult. enclosing an application for the discharge of Augustus V.K. Hubbard, and have directed an inquiry into the facts; and will decide the case as soon as they can be ascertained. In the meantime it is proper to state, that no order has ever been given to discharge a man while actually a deserter.
Recipient: MVB