MVB to G[orham] A[lfred] Worth, 1 January 1825

MVB to G[orham] A[lfred] Worth1, 1 January 1825


My dear Sir,

Now, as heretofore, I will not suffer the warm current of my friendship for you to be checked by the character & kind of your associate#. If I can be of any service in the affair you allude to It will give me pleasure to be so; though <I thusly> necessarily serve the bitterest enemy I, probably, have in the world. The course is a petition to congress, setting forth the case with documents. <unclear words> should be committed to ^the attention of^ some active member in the house & it would be of great service to have some one here to attend to it. Make my best respects to Mrs W.

Your friend



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At the top of the page, Worth wrote the following:


My Associate! A man disliked by me above all others & the only association was that his, name happened to be affixed to a bond, to which mine was also unfortunately attached. As for my “associations” they have been almost exclusively confined to the vain, the consequential, & the politically great! Senat[o]rs, <Corrupt> Fathers, <Governors> & the pious heads of the church! Bad Company I confess, but the charge comes from the wrong quarter GAW