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Under the belief that it is the right of every free Citizen in a free government, to know the opinions of those who aspire to public Station, upon great public questions, as one of your warmest supporters in 1836 & in 1840, & as an unpledged Delegate to the Baltimore Convention, I desire particularly to know your opinions as to the Constitutionality & expediency of immediately... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB
I Received a Letter from you some days sinc[e] upon the subject of the <ensuing> election, but have been pr[e]vented by absence from home from answering it soone[r]. The Sentiments of liberality and magnan[i]mity which it contains are such as from a knowledge of your Character and the quallities of your h[e]art I had a right ^to^ and did expect. Possessed of strong personal prejudices for... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
I have forwarded to the author of the enclosed, a letter addressed to yourself, (as he requests) in behalf of the object he solicits. After dispatching my letter, it occurred to me that I had better present to you his own communication which is a faithful type of its author, clear, strong, direct. He is indeed a most estimable man; and for further knowledge of him if desired, I will refer you to... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB