Mr. VAN BUREN, in expressing his preference, yesterday, for the judicial system proposed by "the gentleman from Virginia," referred to the plan of Mr. TAZEWELL, and not, as was erroneously supposed, to that of Mr. BARBOUR. To the latter he entertained objections of the most decided character. Having misstated Mr. Van Buren's meaning in the particular, we subjoin a fuller report of his remarks on the occasion. In prefacing his motion to amend the bill, by reducing the proposed number of additional Circuit Judges to two, he said he had believed, and still thought, that the plan proposed by... Continue Reading
The Senate then proceeded to consider the resolutions submitted on Tuesday, by Mr. VAN BUREN, relative to amending the Constitution, on the subject of Roads and Canals. Mr. VAN BUREN moved to lay them on the table; expressing his intention of calling them up at an early day; which was agreed to.

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