Misters Randolph & Clay have fought a duel this afternoon in the neighborhood of this City. There are a thousand different reports about Town as to the particulars & I have no doubt <you> will <hear> as many more. Dr. Huntt the surgeon who went out with Mr Clay says that both parties <labored> well & <unclear word> all that we certainly know is that at the first fire neither party was injured, that Mr R. received Mr Clays second fire also without prejudice & then discharged his pistol in the air. It is said that some friendly salutations were exchanged... Continue Reading
You have been one of the commissionners appointed by the State to report the most efficient plan to improve the navigation of the Hudson river; you have, with the other members of that commission, recommended my plan of a lateral ship canal, along the obstructions as the best; you have done more, you have introduced into the Senate of the united states, the Joint resolutions of the two branches of our Legislature, soliciting the assistance of congress to carry that important measure into effect, and no one is more entitled than you, to receive with my individual thanks, a copy of an address... Continue Reading
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