I have forwarded to the author of the enclosed, a letter addressed to yourself, (as he requests) in behalf of the object he solicits. After dispatching my letter, it occurred to me that I had better present to you his own communication which is a faithful type of its author, clear, strong, direct. He is indeed a most estimable man; and for further knowledge of him if desired, I will refer you to Genl Wallace, & to Genl Hunter2 the Marshal of the District of Columbia, his intimate acquaintances. We are now my dear Sir, in the midst of the greatest effervescence of the political cauldron.... Continue Reading
I Received a Letter from you some days sinc[e] upon the subject of the <ensuing> election, but have been pr[e]vented by absence from home from answering it soone[r]. The Sentiments of liberality and magnan[i]mity which it contains are such as from a knowledge of your Character and the quallities of your h[e]art I had a right ^to^ and did expect. Possessed of strong personal prejudices for Mr. Burr and feeling a pure and disinterested affection for some of his most intimate friends amongst whom I with pleasure name you as first in my Esteem. The Controversy which exists on this momentous... Continue Reading
Going up Salt River The Papers of Martin Van Buren is a joint digital/print documentary editing project focused on the papers of the eighth president, including his letters, speeches, notes, and miscellaneous material. When completed, this website will contain approximately 13,000 transcribed Van Buren papers.